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What's included?



  • 3 Highly profitable Trading Strategies: Bitcoin Breakout trading strategy, Crypto Cradle and Fibonacci Booster strategies - empowering you to take advantage of the market in any direction.
  • 6 x Checklists to use with your trading (Essential Factor Checklists and Bonus Factor Checklists)
  • Risk Management Plan to ensure you never lose more than 3% of your capital!
  • A trading business plan - set clear and structured objectives
  • Trade Calculator - to help you calculate your risk and returns
  • Lifetime Access to Become a Trader Course
  • Lifetime Access to Become a Master Course (valued at $899) 


BONUS #1: The Traders Journey (8 Part Video Series) - Insider tips and tricks of traders who have learned the hard way what not to do! ($599) 

BONUS #2: Mindset control - How to create a trading routine that fits in with your life 

BONUS #3: “Trading Windows” - You will learn how to trade the time you have based on when the market offers opportunities and discover the best times to be scanning for trades

BONUS #4: Trading account walkthrough videos showing you exactly how to raise orders, set stop-losses and navigate each trading platform

BONUS #5: Insider's Guide to the Best trading accounts and exchanges - understand what accounts to open and which is best for your chosen style of trading

BONUS #6: Your personal Success Coach to keep you motivated and guide you along your journey

BONUS #7: Chart setup - A downloadable chart setup to optimise your success over the longer term








Total Value $2,852!

Members love the clarity our strategies give them

I cannot imagine a better course than this one. No frills, no non-sense and the pure mechanics of trading. I have traded crypto for several years now, and I can say with certainty, this course was the single best investment I have made.

Thank you so much Craig, this course has already more than paid for itself.

I found out about TraderCobb on YouTube and it was an instant click. I liked the detailed explanation of the strategies and I like the checklist, which makes my trading so much easier and I spend a lot less time on TA. But what I like the most is because I stopped watching all this noise on Youtube and focused on trading and of course collecting profits. Worth every penny.

I've been a trader with Trader Cobb for 4 years now and thought the course was amazing when I first did it but now after redoing all of the courses I found that they have been improved and very easy to understand, learn and put into practice. The other thing money cant buy is the help you receive from the community just amazing.

Maxwell Hunter

Georgia, USA

Primož Potočnik

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bradley Hinten

NT, Australia

Everything you need to be a successful trader!

The Crypto Cradle Strategy

The Bitcoin Breakout

The Fibonacci Booster

When a chart has already started climbing without you, this strategy will help you find a perfect entry point in the "cradle zone".

Sometimes prices seem to spontaneously go through the roof, this strategy will help you identify the pressure building before the breakout!

If you miss the breakout don't worry, the price will always pull back and using Fibonacci this strategy will help you find the next best entry point.

Make confident trading decisions in less time

Follow our simple checklists, risk management tools and trade calculator to remove fear and gain clarity in your trading. 

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