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In this day and age, having just one income stream is simply not cutting it. Expenses are overwhelming on all fronts, especially in 2020. Whether it's housing, schools, college, family... we understand the struggle you're in.

With the current pace of the world, especially the stock market, knowledge is power. We love to see all going "to the moon" but the real power is in those pullbacks. That's where you make the most of it!

That's why we create these courses for you, to provide you assistance in these hard times. By using a simple structure and check-list based system, you'll unlock a whole new potential. 

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What's included???

Become a Master

  • 3 Highly Profitable Trading Strategies: Bitcoin Breakout trading strategy, Crypto Cradle and Fibonacci Booster strategies - empowering you to take advantage of the market in any direction.
  • 6 x Checklists to use with your trading (Essential Factor Checklists and Bonus Factor Checklists)
  • Risk Management Plan to ensure you never lose more than 3% of your capital!
  • A trading business plan - set clear and structured objectives
  • Lifetime Access to Become a Trader Course (valued at $299)
  • Lifetime Access to Become a Master Course (valued at $1999) 

Retail value



Bonuses worth over $2500 USD!


  • BONUS #1: The Traders Journey (8 Part Video Series) - Insider tips and tricks of traders who have learned the hard way what not to do! 
  • BONUS #2: Mindset control - How to create a trading routine that fits in with your life
  • BONUS #3: “Trading Windows” - You will learn how to trade the time you have based on when the market offers opportunities and discover the best times to be scanning for trades
  • BONUS #4: Trade Calculator
  • BONUS #5: Trading account walkthrough videos showing you exactly how to raise orders, set stop-losses and navigate each trading platform
  • BONUS #6: Insider's Guide to the Best trading accounts and exchanges - understand what accounts to open and which is best for your chosen style of trading
  • BONUS #7: Your personal Success Coach to keep you motivated and guide you along your journey
  • BONUS #8: Chart setup - A downloadable chart setup to optimise your success over the longer term

Members love the clarity our strategies give them

"The strategies work 110% and with the support of this community I believe I can achieve my long term goals of becoming a full-time trader!"

"I've recently purchased the course and I'm finding it very straightforward... There is nothing that leaves you wondering. Very structured and worth every cent in my opinion."

"Highly recommended. For me, it was a good reminder to keep it (sic) simple. Trading isn't complicated, it's us that complicates it."

Sal Wilson

NSW, Australia

Brodie Owen

VIC, Australia 

Brad Boulton

New Plymouth, NZ

Meet your mentor

Craig Cobb has been a part of the trading world for more than 14 years! He traded legacy for most of his life until he saw the potential in crypto. He has been a full time crypto-trader for the past 3 years and he hasn't regretted that decision one bit!

That's why he decide to 'pay it forward' and share his knowledge with the rest of the world!

Make confident trading decisions in less time

Follow our simple checklists, risk management tools and trade calculator to remove fear and gain clarity in your trading. 

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